Our goal is simple: we give our partners the freedom to travel around the world of mobile applications.

To explore new opportunities, to have the experience of creating your own tools.

We provide access to a set of tools that makes managing their application very simple. Freedom to create, explore and establish their own rules are our priorities. We provide solutions to all those, who want to create something unique.

We do everything to assure the highest quality of our products. . Just like our partners we are specialists. Therefore, the most important thing for us are the opinions of those, who use our software. Thanks to them, thanks to our partners, QRtag can become even better and more versatile solution.

We are also aware that everything we do affects the world we live in. QRtag is a solution that has been designed in a way to counteract exclusion - physical and the linguistic. We provide our partners with the ability to adapt the world created by them, to the needs of people with disabilities or those who speak a foreign language.

Last but not least - we would not be honest with each other, if we were not a good employer. The foundation of work in our team is the comfort, confidence and satisfaction of our employees.