Our mission is to open the world of applications for new creators.

QRtag is not an ordinary solution. This is systemic innovation that makes everyone able to create their own, unique application.

In a world of still developing technologies such tool is the perfect solution for any dynamic institution.

In a constantly changing world, we are changing even faster. We believe that only through a pioneering operating system, we can provide our partners with the convenience of creating a unique mobile application. QRtag opens the world to people endowed with imagination, who want to share what is worth discovering. It is our partners who are the foundation of our business. We invite them to create their own applications, by which good ideas can become great.

QRtag combines technology with imagination. We are uncompromised in our pursuit of innovation and discoveries. We create new technologies and offer solutions that extend the capabilities. This is the power of combining who we are now with who we want to be tomorrow.

But the most important thing is not what we offer. It’s what our partners can do with that.