Our products are designed to help to change the face of business, education, culture and cities.

QRTAG the system solution that for the smooth operation needs just a little imagination.

We have the know-how resulting from years of experience in the industry. This allows us to proper selection of technologies to implement.

Our applications are dedicated to business that needs technological support to achieve greater sales of its products or services. Our applications with beacons are a tool to grow your business.

QRtag confronts the needs of the organizers of exhibitions and museum curators.An exhibition requires, also thinking about its reception. Additional materials in the form of descriptions, photos and graphics, and even video or audio materials allow for a more insightful experience of visiting the museum.


QRtag is also a solution that allows institution easily contact with inhabitants and tourists. Additional materials make the experience of visiting the city becomes memorable. Inhabitants may on the one hand discover new places in their city or find out interesting facts about its history; on the other hand – they can to assist in its development. This is a unique opportunity to create a relationship with the inhabitants.


We offer applications that allow you to extend the existing network of information contained eg. On the website, as well as the development of additional - separate materials that will later be charged. Opportunities for development are enormous.

News from the school, push notifications, the survey - all available as an application on the phone.